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My application's been approved! Now all I have to do is wait until a camp picks me, and then the ball really starts rolling!

...Anyone know of a summer camp looking for staff? ^_~

Roll on 2012! \o/

Also, no, seriously, if anyone can make me a summer camp-themed icon, I would commit fic for you (I'd even write het! lol!) and you'd have my undying gratitude...c'mon. You know you want to!
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Camp! (Again)

Have paid for my CRB check! Woot! That's one more thing to mark off of the 'Camp in 2012' list.

...Hope I haven't done anything illegal in the past five years. Eeep. 0_o

Now just have to wait and find out what's next, I suppose. Apparently most summer camps start looking for staff in November, so it's going to be a looooong couple of months.

Also, no, seriously, I will fic-for-art. Just a wee little icon? Someone? Anyone? *biiiig begging eyes*
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Should we let the Olympics go to Germany in the wake of the London riots?

You know what? No, I'm not in favour of the amount of money we've had to shell out to pay for the Olympics, but Manuel Hoeferlin thinks we should give the 2012 Olympics to Germany to host because of the riots? Really? Leaving aside the fiasco the 1972 Munich Games were (although he's a fine one to talk about us not being able to secure the Games after the heartbreaking disaster that Germany hosted, but, whatever, the past is the past), and my own feelings on the subject (it's two frickin' weeks! And we've paid how much so far?!) I'm going to paste in the comment I left on that page because I want to see what y'all think.

...And because the majority of people commenting on the actual page are, like, 'oh, we won the war, we won football 4-1, 4-1, 4-1'...such eloquence! Not.

'Fine, host the games. But pay us all the money we've shelled out to host the two-week event (plus the paras, of course). As far as I can see, he's only brought this idea up because a) Germany have just failed on their bid to host the 2018 games and b) they want the glory of it without the expense. The taxpayers in this country have paid a lot of money to set up the stadiums etc for the Games - why should we suffer because a politician from another country is doing what politicians do best - blustering and preening and convinced that they know best when, really, they don't? Pay us the millions we've spent, and then I'll happily let another country host the Games - just give us back what most of us didn't want to shell out in the first place.

Besides, by the time the Olympics roll around, the country will be pulling together again. As much as I disapprove of the outrageous spending by the Olympic Committee, I can't deny that sport does bring people together. One only has to look at the 1995 rugby World Cup to see that sport can be the greatest common denominator that the human race has.

Do not condemn an entire country by the actions of a few - the majority of the British people are upstanding citizens who are appalled by the so-called riots and rioters. Many countries have embarrassing moments in their histories and this is, unfortunately, ours. Before some clever so-and-so decides to point out to me that our police can't control the looters, I'd like to both point to the protests in recent history in France and Greece, to name but two countries, and to say that, yes, the police had trouble in the beginning but we are clawing back our dignity and our streets, now, proving that there is still human decency left in this country with examples of clean-up operations, the donation of clothing and food to those left homeless, and the culprits who are overcome with shame and handing themselves in - in ever increasing numbers.

We will overcome this. Just give us a chance.'

So, what do you guys think? Any British taxpayers irked about the amount of money earmarked for the Olympics? And those of you from other countries - do you think we should let the Olympics be held in another country for safety reasons?

Honestly interested to hear your thoughts, guys. And, please, let's remember the advice of Basil Fawlty and "don't mention the war!"

(And, y'know, let's not Germany-bash, m'kay? Germany's an awesome country, the Germans are awesome people, and that's not the point of the discussion anyway.)
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Beaver one, beaver all, let's all do the beaver crawl...

No, I am not watching Torchwood this season (or ever, ever again) but I AM watching Beaver Falls. Yes, it's crass and silly but it's summer camp and the guys who play Andrew and Adil/A-Rab (seriously, that's his nickname!) are kinda hot.

Why, yes, I am shallow. XD

And I need a 'summer camp' icon. Any good graphic-y people out there willing to graphic in exchange for fic? I do gen/het/slash. *tempts*
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Thank you, you sweethearts!

Thank you, everyone who emailed/P.M'd to check if we were alright. I love you all!

Yeah, I'm ever so slightly pissed off about the riots. Okay, I get that at the beginning people had reason to be upset, but this is ridiculous. I don't even live anywhere near what they're calling the 'hot' areas, but we still had people on our street setting fire to piles of rubbish and tipping over a car.

...Seriously. It wasn't even a porsche/merc or something expensive and awesome. It was some little old guy's Daihatsu camper - an old, rustbucket type car. I think the only reason they went for it is because it was taller and would tip easier.

My sister was on her way home from work last night at 11pm, saw a wave of guys coming towards her and ducked into the pub (clever girl!). They were barricading themselves in when the rioters started smashing pub windows and ripped off a door. She did make it home in the end, though, before the second wave with the whole car-tipping thing, so yay!

At one point the police ran away. To be fair, there was only one car with two policemen in it and about thirty rioters coming towards them. I would have run, too.

I know a lot of people are joining in for the chaos of it and to nick stuff but, really, it's not safe. Kids as young as ten in the streets? Scary. A group of girls smashed the windows of an accessories shop...to get designer handbags. It's not really about principles anymore, if it even ever was. Attacking ambulances? That's just stupid because what happens if you then get hurt or your mum needs an ambulance?

Now it's just about nicking things. And setting fires. Scary...but just a little bit pathetic.

And apparently Enfield Park's on fire right now. FFS. *headdesk*

What are your stories of the riots? I hope everyone around London/Birmingham's okay. Keep safe, darlings.

EDIT: Parliament are to be recalled...except what, really, are they going to be able to do? People are saying they should call out the army to deal with it, and I'm inclined to agree atm.

Lots of sirens around here. Apparently there was looting on Portobello earlier, but it's not really confirmed.

Also, after social networking sites have been used to co-ordinate rioting and looting, now they're being used to co-ordinate the clean-up. Due thanks to everyone involved in clearing up. Police were cheered over in Clapham earlier, apparently.

And the Olympics are 'safe' but the Carnival is just going to be so much fun. If they let the Carnival go ahead, there'll be the chance of it exploding. If they stop the Carnival...well. That'll just make everything worse.

Apparently copycat rioting spreading further - Oxford, Reading, Liverpool etc. Hope everyone's okay. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

EDIT: Okay, so apparently Cameron's maybe not going to call in the army? (Although, if this carries on, he won't have much choice!) And the rest of the world is all disapproving and it's embarrassing, frankly. What the rest of the world are saying.

EDIT: Taken from the BBC - A BBC journalist has spoken to two girls that took part in Monday night's riots in Croydon, who boasted that they were showing police and "the rich" that "we can do what we want".

The pair were drinking wine looted from a local shop at 09:30 BST the following morning.
(There's video/audio as well.)

Unsung Hero

This Is Not Our Ending - X-Men: First Class - Alex/Armando

Title: This Is Not Our Ending
Author: entropynchaos
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing/Characters: Alex 'Havok' Summers/Armando 'Darwin' Muñoz, very brief mentions of Charles 'Professor X' Xavier, Sean 'Banshee' Cassidy, Hank 'Beast' McCoy and Erik 'Magneto' Lensherr
Rating: 15/R
Word Count: 1,918 - according to Word
Disclaimer: Not mine...damnit!
Author's Notes: Written for a prompt on xmen_firstkink: Alex/Armando: Darwin comes back. Cue the angsty oh-my-god-I-thought-you-were-dead sex.. AKA a fixit fic. You're welcome. X-posted to havok_darwin.

First fic in (another) new fandom. Kinda nervous, not gonna lie. And more new fandoms to come! (Hopefully.) Inception and The Eagle WiPs soon to be finished and posted, if I don't flail and die first. And Leverage and some more Losers, natch. ^_^ Help, the plot bunnies are attacking!

Spoilers for the film. The whole film, that is although, really, if you haven't seen it yet, what have you been doing? ;)

Summary: Alex is quiet, and still, and those huge blue eyes of his are fixed on Armando and he'd feel self-conscious about it but, okay, Armando gets it. It's got to be a little freaky, someone coming back from the dead like this.

Collapse )

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Seriously. This.

Respectable Policework by Roga and Tieleen. Discworld/Bandom/AI8. Commander Vimes meets Gabe Saporta and Adam Lambert. MCR are making Music With Rocks And Bits Of Metals In.

Seriously - just try, try to imagine Vimes coming face-to-face with Gabe Saporta and Adam Lambert. I dare you.

Hilarious, fantabulous, with a great Susan and Death of Rats. Gen and fun-for-all-the-family.

Go. Read. NOW. XD