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Dear Yuletide Writer


So, I guess I should do one of these thingys, right? I don't know, I suppose I would be happy with pretty much anything that comes my way from you, my mystery writer! I do have a few squicks, though, and obviously you're the writer, and I will willingly read whatever comes my way, but just in case:

Non-con/rape and dub-con/coercion. Extreme D/S (esp. of the everyone-in-the-world-is-a-dom-or-sub thing). A/B/O (alpha/beta/omega) dynamics. M-preg. Torture. Pedophilia.

Other than that, I am extremely easy to please! Want to know my die-hard kinks? (Heh.)

Biting (esp. at the neck/throat area). Psychos-in-love-against-the-world (although I suppose it's not very Christmas-y). Competence, at ass-kicking/cooking/whatever.

I don't mind gen, het or slash. AUs are fine and dandy. Feel free to poke around my LJ, if you need to! I'm in the process of transferring everything over to AO3...

Whatever - I put myself entirely in your hands, my dear writer, and I look forward to reading whatever delightful thing comes my way! ^_^

Request 1: Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch - Thomas Nightingale, Peter Grant, Molly. Any combo/or pairing :) I would love some Christmas cheer in the Folly, if possible.
Request 2: Band of Brothers - no characters/pairing selected (whatever you will!)
Request 3: Brimstone - Ezekiel Stone, The Devil - Gen or slash.
Request 4: Vikings RPF - George Blagden, Travis Fimmel - Gen or slash.
Request 5: Eroica Yori Ai o Komete (From Eroica with Love) - Dorian Red Gloria, Klaus von dem Eberbach - Gen or slash.
Request 6: Discworld - Terry Pratchett - no characters/pairing selected (whatever you will!)

Thank you, dear writer!
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