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Run - Doctor Who - 11, Amy, Rory, AU

Title: Run
Author: entropynchaos
Fandom: Doctor Who - nu!Who
Pairing/Characters: The Doctor (11), Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, Amy/Rory, 11/River
Rating: 12/pg-13, gen-ish
Word Count: 679 - according to Word (a mere baby of a fic!)
Disclaimer: Not mine...damnit!
Author's Notes: Written for a prompt on comment_fic: Doctor Who, timelord!Rory/timelord!Amy, human!Doctor, 'The Centurion, the Pandorica, and their companion, doctor John Smith'

First attempt at writing 11 and the new TARDIS crew...so, of course, itjust had to be an AU. And 'tis a mere baby - an AU of an AU that looks set to spawn into an entire Universe. Damn you, owleyes_arisen! ;p

Spoilers for some fairly major plot-y bits from Series 6 - up to 'Let's Kill Hitler', to be on the safe side.

Summary: Sometimes, John thinks they must have gone mad, when he watches them leap about their TARDIS.

He's just a university professor when they steal him away (he always says 'just', although he was one of the youngest professors ever to be hired to a full teaching position by the University of Cambridge).

And they did steal him away, besides, the Pandorica always says with a devilish smirk that makes him blush and get flustered every time. She calls them – Dr John Smith and the Centurion - her boys, like she hasn't and won't ever have any inclination of letting either of them go, although John's human with a human's lifespan.

Mind you, he wouldn't put it past her to think of a way around that – she is the Pandorica, wilful and stubborn – the type of stubborn that comes from waiting nearly two thousand years for the Centurion to finally be able to free her, aware every dreadful second of it. She'd been shut up in a box that shared her name in a last, desperate attempt the the Time Lords to win the Time War, the Centurion tells him in a low voice. It's a wonder she didn't go mad, locked up all alone. It's a wonder the Centurion didn't, either, as he guarded her and protected her and let Gallifrey fall for what they'd done.

Sometimes, John thinks they must have gone mad, when he watches them leap about their TARDIS.

He came to them with his clothes torn, running from Nestene duplicates. “Our Raggedy Doctor” she calls him, delighted, after the rescue when they've learnt a bit more than nothing about each other. The name sticks, eventually, losing the 'Raggedy' bit until he's just theirs. Their Doctor.

It's funny – he worked so hard for his degree, his doctorate, his position at Cambridge, and yet when he almost knocked them down as he ran from shop dummies with laser weapons inside their hands and she had grabbed his hand and he had said run...

He hadn't hesitated.

There's a woman who calls him 'sweetie', out there in space. Sometimes older, sometimes closer to his own age but always just as Human as he is. More or less. Probably. She tells him to call her 'River', but the Pandorica and the Centurion call her 'Melody', and she keeps breaking out of prison.

A space prison, that is. She just packs her bags and walks out, and then back again, afterwards, apparently.

He wonders what they're thinking, back on Earth. Whether he's been missed by his family and friends and colleagues. Or whether he eventually goes back the morning or hour or minute after he left. It is a time machine, after all.

He saves his planet from the Atraxi, once. Stands up to them, full of twenty-nine-year-old bluster with the Centurion and the Pandorica, the last of the Time Lords, behind him (he with a rather large gun, she with her sonic probe [he convinces her to call it a 'sonic screwdriver', eventually, by dint of refusing to call it anything else...'probe' is so 1950s B-movie] ). He can't remember what he said, afterward, but she grins and says it was suitably epic and menacing and the Centurion hugs him in to his side and keeps him in between the two of them as they walk off, arm-in-arm(-in-arm) back to the TARDIS.

John's their Doctor, their human Companion, young and fragile and ever-so-short-lived. He spends his days rocketing through space in a time machine that a rebel Time Lord stole because they locked his lover in a box. The human Companion of two Time Lords, with something complicated going on with a woman who claims to be an archaeologist (and carries a gun on her hip – it's all very Indiana Jones...if Indiana Jones had carried a laser gun and drifted from adventure to adventure in space) and calls him 'sweetie'. It's all very scary and brilliant and just a bit unbelievable – for given definitions of 'a bit' – and sometimes he feels like a mad man with a box of magic.

And there's nowhere else he'd rather be.

My fic masterlist is here.

Tags: character: amy pond, character: river song, character: rory williams, character: the doctor (11), fandom: doctor who, genre: au, genre: friendship, other: fanfic, rating: 12/pg-13

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