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Here We Go, Take the Lead, Ramos/D'anjou/Sasha, Pg/Pg-13

Title: Here We Go
Author: Katty, aka entropynchaos
Fandom: Take the Lead
Pairing: Het/slash, 3some - Ramos/D'anjou/Sasha
Rating: PG/PG-13
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, they do not belong to me. They do conjure up rather pretty images in one's mind, though, don't they? ^_^
Author's Notes: Written for headurx's prompt: After the three way tango, Sasha has a request for Ramos, and it involves D'anjou. The beginning of a whole new aspect to Ramos and Sasha's relationship with each other and with D'anjou.. Seriously, you would understand if you've watched the film (and if you haven't, why the hell not? Go buy it now) If you haven't watched the film, then the three-way tango is here. The black guy is D'anjou, the girl is Sasha and you might recognise the other guy from the film 'Hook' - that's Ramos played by Dante Basco.
Summary: Ramos is only just now realising that he would do just about anything to keep that grin on her face.

The crowd in the ballroom is huge – they got everyone, near enough, up and dancing eventually – but Ramos hasn’t lost sight of two people all night. Sasha and D’anjou, to be precise.

It’s not actually surprising, given how they danced earlier, even sharing the floor with that stuck-up bitch from Pierre’s fancy school and her punk-ass partner, but Ramos knows they should have owned that trophy completely. Just because these uptight white folks wanted one of their lot to win…

But he and D’anjou have been passing Sasha off between themselves all night, when she was with them, anyway, because Sasha is so fucking beautiful when she smiles, and Ramos is only just now realising that he would do just about anything to keep that grin on her face.

He knows D’anjou feels the same, and for once the thought doesn’t make him want to punch his once-best friend.

So when Sasha pulls them out of the room at the end of the evening, her hands wrapped around theirs so they don’t loose each other in the crowd, they follow. They end up back at Sasha’s and they collapse in front of the TV, still laughing and high from the adrenaline of the night. When Sasha jumps up from between them and sticks some music on, they both laugh. It’s ridiculously easy to please Sasha, which Ramos – for all his talk – thinks is kind of a shame.


Sasha twirls in the small space between the couch and the TV, moving to the beat like she was born to do. Dancing is easy for Sasha, always has been, and she likes the looks she’s getting from the two boys slouched in front of her.

Grinning wildly, she reaches out a hand Ramos and it’s flattering how quick he is to leap up and gather her in, already matching her beat before he’s even fully standing. D’anjou’s still sitting there, laughing as Ramos dips her; playing to his audience like he always does. Sometimes she can still see how tight they were before high school – before she dated D’anjou, and before she dropped him for Ramos.

Now Sasha’s trying to think of a way to make everything better and she thinks, just maybe, that she might have it. After all, if the boys are fighting all the time, then it’s no fun for anyone, least of all for Sasha caught in the middle.

But the way D’anjou stares at Ramos when he’s not staring at her, and the way Ramos goes out of his way to touch D’anjou when the only other person he doesn’t avoid touching like they have the plague is Sasha? Yeah, she’s got an idea of where to take this.


He’s slouching comfortably in the couch, watching the other two dance around, and in that one moment, D’anjou feels completely happy. Yeah, he’d rather be with Sasha than not, and he’d rather be tight with Ramos like they used to be than fighting all the time, but if this is all he can get? Then he’ll take it with a smile on his face.

Ramos spins Sasha out and she stops in front of D’anjou. With a pleased little smile curving her lips, Sasha holds out her hand to him, and pulls D’anjou up to join her when he takes it. She backs away, still bringing him forward with her, until she’s snug up in Ramos’ arms and there’s barely room for a piece of paper to fit between his own body and hers. He meets Ramos’ eyes over Sasha’s shoulder, and matches his grin as they move Sasha between them in a condensed form of their tango from earlier, but slower. Much slower, and D’anjou can feel his blood roaring in his ears. Something’s changed in the last two seconds, and D’anjou doesn’t know what to do with it.

Sasha pulls on the hand she’s still holding, moving it to her waist – except his hand lands on the warm, vaguely callused skin of Ramos’ hand.


“Yes,” Sasha whispers, winding her right arm around D’anjou’s neck and reaching behind her with her left hand to pull Ramos impossibly closer.


Ramos holds D’anjou’s eyes as he leans down slightly, planting a kiss to the side of Sasha’s neck, and D’anjou moves in slowly, never breaking his stare. Dark eyes still locked with Ramos’, he places a kiss on the exact spot Ramos did, finishing up so close to the other boy that they can feel each other breathing.

“Do it,” Sasha murmurs, and neither of them have ever been able to refuse her anything. Why should now be any different?

D’anjou’s left hand tightens over Ramos’ and he closes the distance between them, just grazing Ramos’ mouth with his own and then he holds it, dying to push it further, but not daring to.


It’s Ramos who makes that final move, opening his mouth just enough and tilting his head just so. Between them, Sasha smiles, and rest her head on D’anjou’s shoulder. Any further discoveries are going to have to wait for morning. It’s been a long night, and she’s tired. In a few minutes, she’ll move from between them and head for the bedroom, and the boys will stand there, hands still linked as they look after her. And then they’ll follow her into her bedroom, and she’ll sleep between them, legs and arms entwined underneath the covers.

Tomorrow they’ll talk – despite the fact that neither of her boys is the least bit good at expressing any form of civilised emotion – but tonight is for sleeping, safe and calm and together for once.

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Tags: fandom: take the lead, genre: 3some, genre: friendship, genre: het, genre: romance, genre: slash, other: fanfic, pairing: ramos/d'anjou/sasha, rating: pg/pg-13

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