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Fic Masterlist

So - it's a masterlist. Of my fic. It's a fic masterlist.

If you're looking to give me a prompt, please go here.

My BDT (Big Damn Table) for 'Leverage, Nate/Eliot' is here.

Being Human
- Edited Memories (Slash, Mitchell/George, 15/r)
- Midnight Comfort (Pre-slash/ust, Mitchell/George, pg/pg-13)
- Scars (Slash, Mitchell/George, pg/pg-13)

The Brittas Empire
- Bedtime (Slash, Tim/Gavin, u/pg/g)
- Unfathomable (Slash, Tim/Gavin, u/pg/g)

Comment!fic: - Written for comment_fic
- Clothing fetish (Slash, SG1 and Leverage - Jack/Cam, Jack/Daniel (x2), Eliot/Alec, pg/pg-13 and 18/nc-17)
- Genderfuck/Gender play (Slash, femslash & het, CWRPS, Torchwood, Heroes, Leverage - Jeff/Jensen, Jeff/Jared, Jack/Ianto, girl!Sylar/girl!Mohinder, Sylar/Mohinder, Nate/girl!Eliot, pg/pg-13, 15/r, 18/nc-17)
- Misc. for competition (Slash, SPN x2, Being Human x2, Anita Blake, Merry Gentry, Demons x2, Batman, Merlin, The Covenant, Entourage, Eureka, Knight Rider, Boa vs Python/SGA - demon!Dean/Sam, vampire!John/vampire!Dean/Sam, Mitchell/George, Jason/Nathaniel, Doyle/Frost, Galvin/Luke, Scarecrow/Joker (I don't even know, people. Seriously), demon!Arthur/Merlin, Pogue/Caleb, Vince/E, Carter/Stark, Michael/KITT, Emmett/John Sheppard, pg/pg-13, 15/r, 18/nc-17)
- Movie title/quote/scene (Slash, Merry Gentry, Heroes, SG1, SPN/Leverage - Doyle/Frost, Sylar/Peter, Jack/Daniel, Dean/Eliot, pg/pg-13, 18/nc-17)

- On the Benefits of Keeping An Open Mind (Slash, Being Human/SPN, Mitchell/George/John Winchester, 18/nc-17/frao)
- Belief (Slash, BDS/SPN, Murphy MacManus/Dean Winchester, 18/nc-17/frao)

- Comment!fic written for competition (Slash & het, Jayne/Simon, Jayne/Kaylee, pg/pg-13 & 15/r)
- An Over-Rated Art (Slash, Jayne/Simon, 15/r)

- Détente (Slash, Raylan/Boyd, pg-ish)

The Losers:
- A Little Small Talk, A Smile (Slash, Jensen/Cougar, 12/15ish)
- Normality Is Such An Over-Rated Word (Pre-slash/slash, Jensen/Cougar, Clay/Roque, Pooch/Jolene, 12/15ish)
-- Piece By Piece to Make a Whole (Sequel to 'Normality...', slash/pre-slash/het, Jensen/Cougar, Clay/Roque, Pooch/Jolene, 12/15)
--- These Paws Are Made For Walking (Sequel to 'Normality...' and 'Piece by Piece...', slash/pre-slash/het, Jensen/Cougar, Clay/Roque, Pooch/Jolene, 12/15ish)

- Cold Packs and Dim Lighting (Gen/slight pre-slash Nate & Eliot, pg)
-- Tired Need (Sequel to 'Cold Packs', pre-slash, Nate & Eliot, pg-13)
- Comment!fic written for competition (Slash, Nate/Eliot, Eliot/Alec, werewolf!Nate/Eliot, pg/pg-13 & 15/r)
- Flashback (Slash, Nate/Eliot, 15/r)
- Homecoming (Slash, Eliot/Alec, pg/pg-13)
- In the Dark (Slash, Nate/Eliot, 18/nc-17)
- Intervention (Slash, Nate/Eliot, pg/pg-13)
- It's Tough Being Little (Gen, de-aged/kid!fic, pg/pg-13) - WiP
- Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer (Pre-slash, summer camp!au, Eliot/Alec, pg/pg-13)
- No One's Superhuman (Slash, Nate/Eliot, pg/pg-13)
- Priest (Slash, Nate/Eliot, 15/r)
- Scattered Paperwork (Slash, Nate/Eliot, 15/r)
- Strawberries (Slash, Nate/Eliot, pg/pg-13)
- Taming the Beast Within (Slash, werewolf!Nate/Eliot, 15/r)
- Tell Me About Me (Slash, Nate/Eliot, 15/r)
- Turn the World on Its Head (Slash/gen/het, Nate/Eliot and other pairings, 18/nc17) - Evil!au, WIP
- Welcome Home (Slash, Nate/Eliot, pg/pg-13)

Golden Eyes - werewolf!Eliot au 'verse list

Life on Mars:
- Insane, but Simple (Slash, Gene/Sam, 18/nc-17)
-- What They Need (Sequel to 'Insane, but Simple', slash, Gene/Sam, 18/nc-17)

- All the Good Things in Life That Are So Hard To Find (Slash/minor femslash, Arthur/Lancelot, Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin, Morgana/Gwen)
- The Golden King (Slash, Merlin/Arthur, 18/nc-17 - co-written with merihn) - evil/dark!au
-- The First Knight (Slash, Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Arthur/Lancelot, 18/nc-17 - co-written with merihn - evil/dark!au, fits into 'The Golden King' 'verse)
- Long Live the King (Slash, Uther/Gaius, pg/pg-13)
- Remember When (Slash, Merlin/Arthur, 18/nc-17)

- For Eternity (Best Men, slash, Buzz/Billy, 12/pg-13)
- Replay the Night (Blazing Saddles, slash, Bart/Jim, 15/r)
- Redemption (Boondock Saints, slash, Connor/Murphy (INCEST), 15/r)
- Tasting Tea On His Lips (Boston Legal, slash, Alan/Brad, 12/pg-13)
- Back to Brokeback Mountain (Brokeback Mtn, slash/slight het mentions, Ennis/Jack, pg/pg-13)
- Heaven and Earth Tag (Due South, gen/very slight pre-slash, Fraser & Ray V, pg/pg-13)
- After Hell (Godchild/Cain Saga, slash, Riff/Cain, pg/pg-13 to 15/r)
- Christmas at Chinon (Lion in Winter, slash, Richard/Philip, pg/pg-13)
- Out of Nowhere (Malcolm in the Middle/MitM, slash, Francis/Cadet Stanley, 12/pg-13) - WiP
- Epiphany (Neverwhere, pre-slash, Richard/Marquis, pg/pg-13)
- Five Kisses (Priscilla: QOTD, slash, Tick/Adam, pg/pg-13)
- In This Moment (Repo!, slash, Nathan/Graverobber, pg/pg-13)
- Nocturne Seduction (Smallville, pre-slash/slash, Clark/Lex, pg/pg-13)
- Missing (Supernatural, slash, wincest, Dean/Sam, 15/r - co-written with merihn)
- Here We Go (Take the Lead, slash/het/3some, Ramos/D'anjou/Sasha, pg/pg-13)
- This Is Where We Start From (This Is Where We Began) (The Triangle, slash, Howard/Stan, pg/pg-13) - WiP

- Couriers...Delivering a Package (NCIS, pre-slash/slash, Gibbs/DiNozzo, pg/pg-13 atm) - WiP
- Dancing in the Dark (Femslash, Abby/Michelle Lee, pg/pg-13)

- It's a Love Story (In a Sort of Unconventional Kind of Way) (Slash/het/friendship, Connor/Becker, Nick/Stephen, Tom Ryan/Abby, pg/pg-13)
- Open Your Eyes Already (Slash, Connor/Becker, 18/nc-17)

- It's A Viable Plan (Leverage RPS, slash, Chris/Aldis, pg/pg-13)
- Too Tired to Fuss (Leverage RPS, pre-slash, Tim/Chris, pg/pg-13)
- Coronation Scene Redux (LotR RPS, slash, Viggo/Orlando, pg/pg-13)
- The First Time We Met (LotR RPS, slash, Viggo/Orlando, 15/r - AU)
- When I Come Home to You (LotR RPS, slash, Ian/Orlando, pg/pg-13)

Stargate: Atlantis:
- Black Ink Swirls (Slash, McKay/Sheppard, 15/pg-13/r)
- Caught in the Middle (Slash, 3some, John/Rodney/Ronon, 18/nc-17)
- Scarier Than the Wraith (Slash, Lorne/Parrish, 12/pg-13)
- Seeing Things Differently (Slash, McKay/Sheppard, slight Jack/Daniel and Lorne/Parrish if you want to see them, pg/pg-13)
- You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind (Slash, McKay/Sheppard, kink/toy-use, 18/nc-17)

Atlantis Lakes Summer Sleepaway Camp 'verse:

-- Pudding Cups and Laughing Eyes (Gen/pre/semi-slash, Rodney McKay and John Sheppard, pg/pg-13) - post-series

Stargate: SG1:
- Daniel's Choice (Gen, pre-series, Daniel Jackson, pg/pg-13)

- Comment!fic written for competition (Slash, Jack/Ianto, pg/pg-13)
- First Kiss (Slash, Jack/Ianto, pg/pg-13)
- One Day Only (Slash, Jack/Ianto, 12/pg-13)
- Our Last Goodbye (Slash, Jack/Ianto, pg/pg-13)
- Re-awakening (Slash, Jack/Ianto, 12/pg-13)

- As Darkness Falls and Falls Away (Slash, Logan/Remy, pg/pg-13)
- This Is Not Our Ending (Slash, Alex/Armando, 15/r, First Class 'verse)

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