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Yuletide Letter 2020

Eroica Yori Ai o Komete (From Eroica With Love)

Look, let’s face it, the potential for shenanigans, absolutely insane 1970s spy-era ridiculousness is is very high. I would love something along those lines – adventure to reclaim a MacGuffin that will put the West ahead of the East by one-step in the Cold War? Love it. Klaus needs to go undercover and there’s only one person Dorian will allow to go undercover with him (Dorian. The one person is Dorian himself)? Genius.

I would be equally happy with anything with these two. Doesn’t even have to be slash. Gen adventure time, pre-slash pining and hand brushes à la 2005 Pride and Prejudice? Gorgeous. If you’ve been paired with me because of this fandom? Know that nothing you write will be anything less that gratefully received!

Monstrous Regiment – Terry Pratchett

God, I love this book. I love all of Discworld, to be honest (the world building – just delightful) but there’s a special place in my heart for Monstrous Regiment. Was I a bit of a goth as a teen, trying too hard to fit in and impress like Maladict? Possibly. Not the point. But the dynamic between these two is just perfect – social layers aside, it’s mostly the way they play off each other. I’d love something from the further adventures post-canon – politics? The next battles they fight and win? Balls that Maladict has to help Polly navigate the delicate intricacies of? Yussss…

I’m also a huge fan of Tonker/Lofty and Jackrum the perpetually-exasperated sergeant/Rupert-wrangler (because we all know that old soldiers never really retire… at least, not our Jackrum).

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman

This is a bit of a longshot – I know this is a bit of an older fandom, but if you’ve been paired to me through this fandom, I’m hoping it’s because you love the story as much as I do. Even if you’ve read it once or ten times, if this is the first step into the pool of fic or an ongoing affair with it.

I love Richard’s reactions to London Below – his character growth through the story. While I love Richard and Door’s interactions, I love me a snarky anti-hero, a person who is definitely not there to help, really, but just can’t help by do the right thing when needed – I really like the Marquis and the way he reacts to this ‘normal’ person coming into his world. And the possibilities with the weird things in London are endless – even just with the names of the various tube stations!

The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett

Anything. Absolutely anything. Nick falling into a case that he just can’t help but investigate? Nora being just as intrigued? Love it. Again, anything you come up with for this, I will love.

Ocean’s 8 (2018)

Just… kick-ass ladies. They’re all kick-ass in their own ways, and it’s just fantastic how it all weaved together in one big con – but where do they go from there?

I haven’t chosen any characters for this, so you’re free to focus on whoever you’d like – gen or femslash, it’s all good.

Pride (2014)

Ah, Pride. Found families played out on screen. I have a particular weakness for the found family trope, so I would love something along those lines – maybe with Gethin/Jonathan meeting Steph for the first time? Feel free to chuck in as many of the others as you’d like (or none of them, it’s entirely up to you!) but these three are my favourites.

Steph’s first Christmas away from home (‘tis the season, after all!) What about navigating the social scene? Heartbreaks and comfort? Yes, please!



At the end of the day, this is your story, your work. Aside from my DNWs on the main sign-up (Preg/Mpreg, A/B/O, angst-without-a-happy-ending, rape/non-con, hardcore kink) – aside from that? I will definitely be happy with whatever you write, I promise. There’s no pressure on this, besides the guidelines for the exchange, and I would rather you have fun than stress over this, because we’ve all had a lot of stress this year! Just breathe, relax… and I’ll see you on the other side.
'Allo Wormy

Yuletide 2019 Writer's Letter

Hello, my lovely and wonderful writer!

Happy Yuletide and thank you, in advance, for my fic. I'm sure no matter what you write, it's going to be great.

I've included a few details on the AO3 sign-up, but I thought I'd actually get my act together in time this year and sort out a writer's letter - I know I always find it more handy when my recipiant includes one!

Now, nothing from the below is set in stone. Apart from the strong DNWs - cross-posted on the sign-up - this is all just brainstorming, and feel free to take or leave as you wish.


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It's a Love Story (In a Sort of Unconventional Kind of Way) - Primeval - multiple het/slash pairings

Title: It's a Love Story (In a Sort of Unconventional Kind of Way)
Author: entropynchaos
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/Characters: Hilary Becker, Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Danny Quinn, Nick Cutter, Helen Cutter, Stephen Hart, Sarah Page, James Lester, Oliver Leek, Connor's mum....in various couplings and singles
Rating: PG/PG-13, I suppose.
Word Count: 6,785 - according to Word
Disclaimer: Not mine...damnit!
Author's Notes: Oooh - I still have my Connor/Becker icon...clearly, this is a sign that I should write more Primeval fic. Either that, or I'm just fishing for excuses! ;)

So I saw a prompt – an AU prompt, and you all know how much I can't resist a good AU prompt – and I started out to write a comment-sized fic for said prompt found, aptly, on Comment Fic. Just a couple of hundred words, right? Because I figured that it would ease me back into writing Primeval fic (ah, my crazy, implausible, dino-hunting fandom, how I missed you without even knowing it!). Then it grew. And grew. And I was nearly all the way through typing it up, having written it out long-hand, when I decided to go through and check what I had so far. And, in the process, added nearly 600 more words – technically the length of your average comment fic in and of itself. WHAT IS THIS FANDOM AND WHY DOES IT PRACTICALLY WRITE ITSELF?!

At this point, it stood at about 11 pages on Word. And then I had to type up the rest!

FML. Comment fic, my arse.

Warning – before you lies some of the most self-indulgent crap ever written. Teenagers are, as I recall from, y'know, having been one, absolutely ridiculous and entirely preoccupied with their own FEEEEELINGS and sense of self-drama, and that is my only excuse. merihn, I hope you're happy.

Summary: Sometimes, it felt like the whole school knew...except for Hilary.

…Which Connor was absolutely fine with, because Hilary was straight and Connor was going to die a lonely death and be eaten by cats, and that was the way of the world.

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Leverage team

Nothing Like the Brady Bunch - Leverage - wee!Eliot + team

Title: Nothing Like the Brady Bunch
Author: entropynchaos
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing/Characters: OFC - Jenny West, Nate, Sophie, Parker, Hardison, de-aged!Eliot (circa 5yrs)
Rating: U/G, gen-ish, very tame ;)
Word Count: 1,646 - according to Word
Disclaimer: Not mine...damnit!
Author's Notes: Written for a prompt on comment_fic: Leverage, De-Aged!Eliot/Team, Sophie and Nate attend the first Parents Day at Eliot's Kindergarden

I sort of...put all the team there. That poor teacher. XD

Summary: It's not like family friends haven't accompanied parents before – or, even, instead of, sometimes, if the parents were at work or otherwise busy...or simply didn't care.

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The last of the Time Lords

Run - Doctor Who - 11, Amy, Rory, AU

Title: Run
Author: entropynchaos
Fandom: Doctor Who - nu!Who
Pairing/Characters: The Doctor (11), Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, Amy/Rory, 11/River
Rating: 12/pg-13, gen-ish
Word Count: 679 - according to Word (a mere baby of a fic!)
Disclaimer: Not mine...damnit!
Author's Notes: Written for a prompt on comment_fic: Doctor Who, timelord!Rory/timelord!Amy, human!Doctor, 'The Centurion, the Pandorica, and their companion, doctor John Smith'

First attempt at writing 11 and the new TARDIS crew...so, of course, itjust had to be an AU. And 'tis a mere baby - an AU of an AU that looks set to spawn into an entire Universe. Damn you, owleyes_arisen! ;p

Spoilers for some fairly major plot-y bits from Series 6 - up to 'Let's Kill Hitler', to be on the safe side.

Summary: Sometimes, John thinks they must have gone mad, when he watches them leap about their TARDIS.

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