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The Cosmic Connection of Life Infinite
The Wandering Ramblings of a Slightly-Insane Mind
21st-May-2020 09:56 pm - Fic Masterlist
'Allo Wormy
So - it's a masterlist. Of my fic. It's a fic masterlist.

If you're looking to give me a prompt, please go here.

My BDT (Big Damn Table) for 'Leverage, Nate/Eliot' is here.

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8th-Oct-2017 08:18 pm - Yuletide 2017 letter
'Allo Wormy
So, Yuletide time again! And, as much as I don't use LJ much any more, I can't deny it's useful for this...

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13th-Oct-2013 09:44 pm - Dear Yuletide Writer
'Allo Wormy
Hello,Read more...Collapse )
'Allo Wormy
Heyhey lads and lasses!

Is anyone on Tumblr? Find me at Tumblr!
Title: It's a Love Story (In a Sort of Unconventional Kind of Way)
Author: entropynchaos
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/Characters: Hilary Becker, Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Danny Quinn, Nick Cutter, Helen Cutter, Stephen Hart, Sarah Page, James Lester, Oliver Leek, Connor's mum....in various couplings and singles
Rating: PG/PG-13, I suppose.
Word Count: 6,785 - according to Word
Disclaimer: Not mine...damnit!
Author's Notes: Oooh - I still have my Connor/Becker icon...clearly, this is a sign that I should write more Primeval fic. Either that, or I'm just fishing for excuses! ;)

So I saw a prompt – an AU prompt, and you all know how much I can't resist a good AU prompt – and I started out to write a comment-sized fic for said prompt found, aptly, on Comment Fic. Just a couple of hundred words, right? Because I figured that it would ease me back into writing Primeval fic (ah, my crazy, implausible, dino-hunting fandom, how I missed you without even knowing it!). Then it grew. And grew. And I was nearly all the way through typing it up, having written it out long-hand, when I decided to go through and check what I had so far. And, in the process, added nearly 600 more words – technically the length of your average comment fic in and of itself. WHAT IS THIS FANDOM AND WHY DOES IT PRACTICALLY WRITE ITSELF?!

At this point, it stood at about 11 pages on Word. And then I had to type up the rest!

FML. Comment fic, my arse.

Warning – before you lies some of the most self-indulgent crap ever written. Teenagers are, as I recall from, y'know, having been one, absolutely ridiculous and entirely preoccupied with their own FEEEEELINGS and sense of self-drama, and that is my only excuse. merihn, I hope you're happy.

Summary: Sometimes, it felt like the whole school knew...except for Hilary.

…Which Connor was absolutely fine with, because Hilary was straight and Connor was going to die a lonely death and be eaten by cats, and that was the way of the world.

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My fic masterlist is here.

27th-Sep-2011 10:58 pm - Delicious, no, wtf, no seriously...
So not impressed
So, the new del.icio.us.

That's...interesting. In a way that's totally crap.

Are any of you using a different online bookmarking site? If so, which, and do you think I should switch?

Please help!

(Also, in other news, I've just written responses to two lonely Demons prompts from comment_fic, only to find out that they were mine! *headdesk*)
Leverage team
Title: Nothing Like the Brady Bunch
Author: entropynchaos
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing/Characters: OFC - Jenny West, Nate, Sophie, Parker, Hardison, de-aged!Eliot (circa 5yrs)
Rating: U/G, gen-ish, very tame ;)
Word Count: 1,646 - according to Word
Disclaimer: Not mine...damnit!
Author's Notes: Written for a prompt on comment_fic: Leverage, De-Aged!Eliot/Team, Sophie and Nate attend the first Parents Day at Eliot's Kindergarden

I sort of...put all the team there. That poor teacher. XD

Summary: It's not like family friends haven't accompanied parents before – or, even, instead of, sometimes, if the parents were at work or otherwise busy...or simply didn't care.

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My fic masterlist is here.

12th-Sep-2011 11:27 pm - Run - Doctor Who - 11, Amy, Rory, AU
The last of the Time Lords
Title: Run
Author: entropynchaos
Fandom: Doctor Who - nu!Who
Pairing/Characters: The Doctor (11), Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, Amy/Rory, 11/River
Rating: 12/pg-13, gen-ish
Word Count: 679 - according to Word (a mere baby of a fic!)
Disclaimer: Not mine...damnit!
Author's Notes: Written for a prompt on comment_fic: Doctor Who, timelord!Rory/timelord!Amy, human!Doctor, 'The Centurion, the Pandorica, and their companion, doctor John Smith'

First attempt at writing 11 and the new TARDIS crew...so, of course, itjust had to be an AU. And 'tis a mere baby - an AU of an AU that looks set to spawn into an entire Universe. Damn you, owleyes_arisen! ;p

Spoilers for some fairly major plot-y bits from Series 6 - up to 'Let's Kill Hitler', to be on the safe side.

Summary: Sometimes, John thinks they must have gone mad, when he watches them leap about their TARDIS.

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My fic masterlist is here.

7th-Sep-2011 07:24 pm - Campcampcamp...
'Allo Wormy
My application's been approved! Now all I have to do is wait until a camp picks me, and then the ball really starts rolling!

...Anyone know of a summer camp looking for staff? ^_~

Roll on 2012! \o/

Also, no, seriously, if anyone can make me a summer camp-themed icon, I would commit fic for you (I'd even write het! lol!) and you'd have my undying gratitude...c'mon. You know you want to!
27th-Aug-2011 11:07 pm - Camp! (Again)
'Allo Wormy
Have paid for my CRB check! Woot! That's one more thing to mark off of the 'Camp in 2012' list.

...Hope I haven't done anything illegal in the past five years. Eeep. 0_o

Now just have to wait and find out what's next, I suppose. Apparently most summer camps start looking for staff in November, so it's going to be a looooong couple of months.

Also, no, seriously, I will fic-for-art. Just a wee little icon? Someone? Anyone? *biiiig begging eyes*
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